Sunday, January 05, 2014


What's up guys? So in today's post I want to introduce something new to my blog, and I've been thinking about this for a couple of months now and I think that I'm finally ready to do it and since, you know, new year, new fresh start, now is the perfect time for my idea to come to life. 

These new series that I want to start doing are going to be called 'MONDAY MINUTE'. The whole idea standing behind this is that for those of you, curious people, who are wondering when I'm going to post next, well this will basically give you a little bit of something to look forward to (if this even makes any sense) because this is something that I'm attempting to do every first Monday of a month. It's kind of like we've been dating for a year now and I'm ready to give you a little bit of commitment but I don't want to get married (some of us have commitment issues ha ha ha). 

There isn't going to be a particular theme to these blogposts they are all just going to be something you read for approximately a minute :D. They could be anything from tutorials, maybe even product reviews, they could be outfits of the day, DIYs, also answers to some frequently asked questions, I honestly don't know - expect the unexpected!!  It's basically going to be 'whatever happens and you'll just have to go with it :). 

I just want it to be something super fun, something you enjoy reading and another way for me to interact with you guys, answer some of your questions in creative ways. But yes starting tomorrow I will be doing MONDAY MINUTEs. Hopefully you guys will be into it and if you've got any suggestions just go ahead and leave them in the comment section down below and I will talk to you tomorrow. Byeeeeeee.  

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