Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's a retro thing...

Picture credits:
1. David Lachapelle art 
2. i-D, number 28. The Art Issue, August 1985
3. Photograph by Aaron Ruell
4. Fashion Editorial for Sicky Magazine, Sergey Sheluhin photographer
5. Philippa Bywater and Chloe Watson, Takahito Sasaki photographer
6. Old Vintage Sings
7. Fashion Editorial for Vogue Japan, July 2012
8. Mark Vassallo, Studio Front Desk
9.  Fashion Editorial for Elle Mexico, Jamie Nelson photographer
10. “Tensione Evolutiva”, Lorenzo Jovanotti backup cover
11. Pin Up
12. Lisa Einser, Los Angeles Magazine
13. David Lachapelle art
14. Sylvana Ward Durrett for The Covertur
15. Kenzo Advertising by ToiletPaper
16. Lana Del Rey on British Vogue by Mario Testino
17. Tavi Gevinson bedroom
18. Fashion Editorial for Sicky Magazine, Tyson Ernste photographer
19. Samantha Gradoville Dons by Andrew Yee
20. Vessel DVD cover
21. Britney Spears  by David Lachapelle on Rolling Stone Magazine, 1999
22. Andrew B. Meyers photographer
23. Fashion Editorial for W Magazine, November 2011, Sharif Hamza photographer
24. Retro Pink Car
25. “The Shangs”: Margie Ganser, Betty Weiss and Mary Weiss
26. Peggy Sue’s Restaurant
27. Ann Magret and Elvis Presley on the set of the film “Viva Las Vegas” in 1963
28. Claudia Schiffer for Zeit Magazine
29. Suzanne Rogers for The Coverteur
30. Fashion Editorial, Michal Pudelka photographer


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