Wednesday, July 23, 2014


If there was any speculation surrounding the future of Coach, that was all pretty much squashed with the release of the brand's latest ad campaign. It’s hard to imagine a shopping mall-staple brand that, in recent memory, released rainbow logos reminiscent of LV's 2003 Murakami line and sprinkled sequins on things that normally don't call for sequins, casting the same models used in the recently released Balmain campaign—namely Binx Walton and Issa Lish. But then, that’s usually what happens when Steven Meisel is the appointed photographer—I know, MIND BLOWN.


In the photos, Binx rears her little head atop of Coach’s red and burgundy bomber, while Issa peers below her fringe in the star-adorned Coach sweater (which, it should be mentioned, is oddly reminiscent of Saint Laurent’s star sweater...probably a touch more affordable?).
Perhaps the most noticeable difference in Coach’s overhaul is the conspicuous shortage in their characteristic “C” logos. After years of this C-ridden aesthetic (Coach was founded in 1941), the new CEO and creative director—Victor Luis and Stuart Vevers, respectively—have decided to pare it down. Then there’s the creative team behind the campaign, which sounds more like a Prada ad’s starting lineup than anything else. Karl Templer is the stylist, while Guido Palau was on hair and Pat McGrath on makeup.
With the bubbly, grinning Gwyneth no longer attached to the brand’s image, Coach is clearly aiming for a more high fashion aesthetic. And the thing is that it doesn’t feel unnatural. Maybe that’s because, after so much talk about Coach’s revival, the brand is finally starting to make some fundamental moves. Working under the new maxim “less is more,” Coach plans to close around 70 of their stores nationwide by the end of 2015. Thank God, maybe we can stop scouring Ebay and thrift stores for what may or may not be an authentic old-school Coach leather satchel.


  1. I had no idea coach was closing so many stores. I own 5 coach's bags. I use them for 2 years and then switch back to one of my older coach bags