Monday, February 24, 2014

MONDAY MINUTE | Online vs Print

Its Sunday night and whilst in sat at home watching the Olympic Games closing ceremony, briefly looking at instagram updates and flipping through the pages of the UK Vogue magazine. I realized I havent really bought a magazine in ages -apart from the stack I did at London's airport 2 weeks ago-, when I used to collect French Vogue and have piles and piles and piles of it at home. At one point, I got so tired of seeing Ads on the first 60(?!) pages, I mean, it was ad after ad after ad. Boring stuff. Then I completely became an “online person”, I am a blogger so it also makes sense, right?
I started to consume online content like theres no tomorrow, everything is so quick online. Something happens and boom! It's on twitter, instagram, facebook, you name it and so I spent the past 6 months of my life changing my habits. Funny enough, I am sitting here a few months later, flipping through the pages of a magazine and finding it so incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Yeah, it sounds a bit dramatic but it's true. I found myself making some iPhone photos of makeup trends, making notes about styling tricks and so on.
My point is, I found my love for print again, suddenly and randomly. I embrace being part of the online generation and I am happy I managed to sneak my way in, Oh I am! But something in me wants to go back to my old ways of consuming inspiration. At the end of the day, there is no reason why print should be in war with the online generation and viceversa.
How do you feel about print? It would be interesting to hear your opinion…